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We will design a best suitable hairstyle for you according to your age and your face. 
We can also create the same hairstyle provided with you from magazines, photos, downloading photos, friend’s hairstyle of yours.    
Steve 26 years experienced senior hairtician

He is former hairstyling advisor of the Hairstyle Competition of Taishan (a city in Guangdong, China). He has serviced for thousands of men and women’s hairstyle requests.
Joe Experienced senior hairdresser 

Working in hair salon since graduating from Guangzhou Hairdressing Vocational Schools in 1990. Was a hairstylist in Taishan, Guangzhou, Dongguan. Tel: 617-749-6793
Philip Experienced senior hairdresser

Working in hair salons more than 25 years. A experienced senior hairdresser. Tel: 857-389-1608
Baoyan Senior Skincare specialist

Over 10 years of experience at the beauty shops in Sheng Zhen and Hong Kong. Specialized in Skin Care, acne treatment, face massage, Anti-wrinkle and firming treatments. 
Special Rate: 1.5 hours for $50+.
Alan 20+ years of experience with hair cut, perm, hairdressing and coloring. Before came to the US he owned his own hair salon in Guangdong, China. Specialized in all kinds of female hairstyling.
Jacky Experienced hair dresser with 10+ years of experience. Previously worked in Shenzhen, Guangdong in China. Male and Female hair cut and hairstyling.
Andy Senior hair stylist with 20+ years of experience. Previously worked in Shenzhen, Guangdong in China. All kinds of hair styling and treatment for male and Female.
Michelle Massage Therapist with 10+ years of experience. Previously worked at Jiang-Men Chinese Medicine Hospital in Taishan, Guangdong of China.
Cindy Licensed Massage Therapist with many years of experience.

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