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There is an old proverb that describes China’s most extraordinary places. The best place to be born, it says, is in the province of Suzhou, where the people are exquisitely beautiful. The best place to live is in the province of Hangzhou, with its lush, scenic countryside. But to find the best food in all of China, one must travel to the southern coastal city of Guangzhou, in the province known as Canton.

With four seasons of warm weather, Cantonese chefs can always choose from a cornucopia of fresh ingredients. The Pearl River and South China Sea serve up a dazzling array of seafood. And the province’s bustling port cities usher in exotic taste treats from foreign lands.

So luscious and diverse are the foods of Canton that each must be savored in itself. Sauces are delicately blended to enhance the foods’ natural flavors. You will find Cantonese cooking to be surprisingly light and healthful.

Welcome to Su-Chang’s, the North Shore’s first Cantonese restaurant.

We hope you enjoy the unique and savory delicacies of Canton.

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